Learn more about our underfloor heating systems, as well as components, warranties and benefits.

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Simple and Easy

In order to make your life easier, we do most of the work ourselves by pre-assembling the panel for your underfloor heating system. All you need to do is install the provided tubing and you’re done. You’ll receive an easy-to-follow installation guide with your order and several how-to videos are available here. If you prefer to have a plumber take care of the installation, we will gladly recommend one of our affiliated experts.

Durable and Reliable

Enjoy long-term savings on heating costs with our revolutionary underfloor heating systems. Virtually maintenance-free, built to last for the life of your building and covered by a rock-solid warranty, HCW’s underfloor heating systems are sure to add value to your building.

Versatile and Made-to-Order

Every HCW panel is custom-assembled in our factory. It is designed based on the characteristics of your building: the energy source, the surface area and the number of rooms to be heated. You’ll enjoy savings thanks to our custom manufacturing system: you only pay for the parts you need. This versatile system works with all types of floor coverings.


Boilers (water heaters)

One of the best warranties on the market! Ten years on electric boilers and five years on gas boilers.


We have confidence in our plumbing parts and warranty them for three years. Pumps, manifolds, bleed valves, expansion tanks and PEX tubing are all covered by the warranty.

Manufacturing and Assembly

Your panel comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty covering any defects in the factory-made panel assembly.

100% compatible with all types of floor coverings

Our water-based underfloor heating systems are compatible with all types of floor coverings: hardwood, floating wood, ceramic and many more. Let your imagination run wild: the possibilities are endless!
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Characteristics of hydronic underfloor heating systems

Can I heat my entire home with an underfloor heating system?

Of course! Our water-based underfloor heating systems produce enough heat to keep your entire home at your desired temperature. They’ll meet your heating needs in even the coldest weather, with no need to add other heat sources.

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Why choose a hydronic underfloor heating system over an electric one?

Water-based underfloor heating systems are ideally suited to new construction. Unlike with systems that use electric wires, repairs will never involve digging up your floors all the way down to the concrete.

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Are your systems water-based or glycol-based?

Our systems use a water-based liquid that contains some antifreeze (glycol). The latter protects the underfloor heating system against breakage by preventing the pipes from freezing.

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